**Price depends on design. 

Sculpted Cakes

-$1.50 each for simple icing in buttercream or royal icing

​- $1 per mini (1-1.5in. cookie)

-$3.00-10.00 each for intricate royal icing decoration. Price depends on difficulty. About 3 in. regular sized cookie/

***Packaging fees vary


-$20 per dozen for simply iced cupcakes

-$40 per dozen for iced and fondant decal.


​-$3.00 per slice for all buttercream cake with simple buttercream decoration

-$4.00 per slice for buttercream covered cake with simple fondant decoration

-$5.00 per slice for cake covered in fondant with fondant decals

-$4.00 and up per slice for wedding cake. Base Price.

**Additional labor and material cost depends on difficulty of each cake and is priced accordingly.

​***packaging fees vary