Every cake is special.

…there was a girl who had a passion for art and a love for eating, which led to a beautiful and yummy passion; a passion for cakes! (heart eyes)

Hello, I am Tina, owner and operator of a Cottage at Home cake business called Tina’s Treats Texas. It all started with a simple Wilton Course One class that I took for fun (Cake Boss fever got to me). I fell in love creating cakes instantly and soon found my passion in life. Baking and creating custom cakes was perfect for me. I started trying new techniques, took friend and family orders, made my sister’s wedding cake a month after taking the Wilton course, then ventured out and made a cake for Deadmau5 and Kat Von D. Once I saw how much I loved it, how fast I was improving; the potential to turn this hobby into an income, and the ability to work from home with my son sparked the idea for Tina’s Treats. It’s been over 2 years since that light bulb went off in my head and I have yet to stop and don’t plan on it anytime soon.

What started in my childhood home kitchen in El Paso, TX soon led me to Midland, TX, Austin, TX and back to where it all started El Paso. Because of the constant moving, I decided to change my name to Tina’s Treats Texas. I was able to grow as a business and work with the most amazing venues and vendors in Texas while in Austin. I was voted as one of the top cake decorators in Austin by Culture Map my first 6 months of business. Although we dearly miss the beautiful trails and "weird" environment ever single day there is still no substitution to family. :) Our son was missing his Grandparents and counsins all too often, which made it clear to us that we needed to come home. I am grateful for the amazing 3 years Austin gave us and am excited for what El Paso has for me and my family!

Let me make you a one of a kind cake! No cake is too small or too crazy, the crazier the better actually! Tina’s Treats Texas can’t wait to serve you.

Once upon a time...